Covid Rules for Live Classes


Its very important that these rules are followed to enable classes to keep running


Before you arrive

  • Please bring your own mat cushions bands weights, I will put note on facebook and send email to those not on facebook so you bring the right kit
  • Download NHS Covid19 App onto your phone
  • As much possible all personal belongings to be left in the car or at home

On Arrival

  • Scan NHS Venue Check In using your NHS Covid 19 app on the way in and out
  • When you arrive in the room you will need to go to your mat space marked by a small plastic orange disc and set up your mat etc
  • Coats and shoes to be taken to your mat space and placed near your mat – Mask on Top
  • Once at your mat space you need to stay there for the duration of the class
  • Toilets only to be used when necessary try and use your own before you leave
  • Mask to be worn on the way in and out
  • Hands sanitised on the way in and out


During the Class

  • No masks required during class
  • When laying down on the mat feet should be facing the person opposite so you head is nearest the outside wall

On Departure

  • I will wipe handles etc between classes
  • Please make sure the previous class has left the room before you enter we may exit via fire exit on the way out so have one way system